You can have everything you want in life – if you dress for it.

Edith Head

I’m Nicole Borthwick, an image consultant and personal shopper in Melbourne.

I’m on a mission to get Melbournians out of their beloved black and into colours and clothes that do the hard work for them – in style.

Empower yourself with the gift of authentic style.

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My Journey

I have always been passionate about fashion and I am inspired by stylish people; those that know what looks good and works on them.

Living and working globally, I have had to deal with the challenge of different climates and cultures. Moving from the fashion capital of London, to the bikini-clad Cayman Islands and then to Muslim dress in Jakarta, I wanted to know how to respect local traditions but maintain my own sense of style. I was curious about how to embrace the drama I love and combine it with the classic world in which I worked.

I was desperate to follow my dream and jump into an industry that I was passionate about so I took the big leap, left my corporate job and trained as an image consultant and I’m forever grateful I did. It has grown from there and now I look to work with women and men who want to understand how to look and feel amazing every day.

My qualifications & experience

My personal image is my armor.

  • I started my image consultancy business in 2012
  • Trained with International company: Blink Impact Consultancy in 2012
  • Worked with the head Trainer at Aston+Hayes London 2014
  • 10 years of experience working in Financial Services and Human Resources for multinational banks globally
  • Friendly public speaker
  • Thought provoking workshop trainer
  • Professional Stylist
  • Colour expert
  • Wardrobe curator
  • Personal shopping guru

Trust me,
I’ve got this one

A few years ago, during a challenging time, a dear friend gave me some advice I'll never forget. She said, “no matter how bad you feel every day, get up, do your hair, put your make up on and get dressed”. So I did. Getting dressed for the day and taking pride in my appearance was the armor I needed to help me feel strong, confident and capable of anything.

Today, I work with individuals and corporate clients just like you who trust me to empower them to feel totally, unashamedly, positively confident + classy + in total control of their style. I love what I do, and I’ll make sure that you love it, too!